Spiceworld: The Auction.

ImageI am beyond excited to report that The Spice Girls are set to auction off some of their classic costumes from music videos and live performances. This is in aid of charity and to promote the opening of the musical based on their hits Viva Forever.

Up for grabs are Sporty’s Adidas tracksuit and crop top, one of Baby’s baby-doll dresses and some zebra and leopard print pieces courtesy of Scary. Posh adds that ” “I’ve got all my costumes still. I can’t wait for Harper to grow a little so she can have some. But the rest I’d like to put up for charity. I think it would be a fantastic thing to do.” So expect many a little black Gucci dress, and maybe even a PVC catsuit or two! Unfortunately Ginger’s iconic Union Jack mini from the ’97 Brit Awards is on display at the Hard Rock cafe in Vegas so won’t be available to try and squeeze into.

If there’s one thing the girls are looking forward to seeing the back of, it will undoubtedly be the Buffalo platform trainers, how cray were those things??

All proceeds go towards Save the Children and Children in Need.

Now, where’s my chequebook…


This was the attempt of a bunch of 10 year olds to dress up like the Spice Girls. I’m at the back being Posh…

Photograph credit to my big sister…


Classic Girl Crush: J.Lo edition

Hola! Let’s talk about Jennifer Lopez for a minute. Girlfriend is 42, that’s FORTY TWO years old. Wow.


My girl crush on Jenny from the Block probably started around 2000 when she started releasing (in my opinion) all the classics, ‘I’m Real’, ‘If You Had My Love’, ‘Let’s Get Loud’ and not forgetting ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ – the video for which, as if you needed refreshing, featured J.Lo strip off all her finery and end up in just her FINE-ry on the beach. It also had that sweet dance breakdown near the end. I was in love.

Fast forward to ‘Jenny From the Block’ i.e the Bennifer days. I spent all my time running round in a string vest, cropped velour sweatpants, jaunty caps, frosted make-up and most worryingly high-heeled cat boots. I wish I had a photo to show you I truly do. ‘All I Have’ is still my karaoke go to. Rap and all.


I liked to think I looked a little something like this, I probably looked more like a horrific accident in a Claire’s  Accessories.

 Fast, fast forward to recent times (we don’t talk of the Marc Antony wilderness years) and as documented above, J.Lo has never looked more incredible. I don’t bandy the word goddess around easily but…you don’t get to be the legs of Venus for nothing, amirite?  This final set of pictures, I feel, sum up what Jennifer Lopes IS, what she means to me and what she does best. It’s sparkly, it’s silky, it’s short, it’s not for the shy and retiring. It is LA LOPEZ.


Tell me your favourite J.Lo look in the comments! Besos.

Girl Crush – Music Edition

There has been an explosion of talented, stylish and individual female singers on the scene in recent months, and here are a few of my favourites…


Lana Del Rey – Lana is my queen. Those lips, that hair, that voice. She is sultry, sexy and rocks a retro Americana vibe better than anyone else I’ve ever seen.

Marina (of the Diamonds) Although she made her debut a few years ago, I love 2012’s version, with the candy floss hair, beauty marks and 50s pastel styling. Now, I love an eyelash and this girl ROCKS an eyelash!


Rita Ora – Like Rihanna Mark II. Our Rita is everything Ri-Ri ain’t. Grungy without being dirty, edgy without being trashy and stylish without being a fashion victim. I see big things for this girl in the future, and she’s dating Rob Kardashian…clever girl.




This is me, I am doing my best Zooey Deschanel impression which is otherwise known as…my life. Expect a lot of this.

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