Customised Leather Jacket

I was commissioned recently to customise one of my BFF’s leather biker jackets. She’s had it a while and we discussed whether or not she should keep it during a  recent wardrobe clear-out. (More on that in a post later, keep an eye out!) It’s really a gorgeous jacket – real leather, great cut and classic design so it was decided I would use my mad fashion skill to update it and give it a unique edge.

The studs are gold pyramid in 3mm an 5mm sizes from a specialist leather craft company. If you’re going to try this at home, I’d always recommend paying a bit more for 4 prong studs as they are much more sturdy and secure. Use a leather awl to get a nice clean pierce for the prongs to go through.

This look is a bit more art deco and looks a lot cleaner and more subtle than a lot of the ‘rock n roll’ looks out there just now, which is ideal if you want the garment to have longevity and lasting style appeal. No Village People tribute acts for this friendship!

Here’s a picture I got Kirsten to snap for me showing the jacket styled with her usual threads and I honestly think it looks great! As soon as my thumbs recover, I’m starting work on my own…

The stud detailing isn’t too overwhelming and suits Kirsten’s girly but grown up style.

Remember to let me know what you think and share your own customising tips and triumphs in the comments!


Uncool, ladies. Uncool.

Good Girls Gone Bad Wrong


This article happens to focus solely on female celebrity behaviour – this is not to say that the chaps don’t and haven’t behaved just as undesirably, but coming from a gal to a majority of gal readers –we can do better than this right?

P.s I’m going to try not to get too Judgey Judgerson here cause that really isn’t cool.

Amanda Bynes’ most recent performances sadly have not been in fun teen rom-coms; but played out on the streets – and cells -of L.A.

As if she didn’t already have enough problems, girlfriend really needs to learn to blend her foundation…

On April 6th, Amanda was arrested and charged with a DUI after an incident involving a police car at 3am. Oh honey, I’m not sure it matters how vehemently your father denies that you drink or how heartfelt his claims are that you were “upset and emotional” No matter how you spin it, a 3am DUI is as telling as a wrist full of those little paper nightclub wristbands. ‘Upset’ and ‘Emotional’ (to paraphrase that scene from The Princess Bride) don’t, I think, mean what you think they mean. They are not really excuses for crashing your car or going to rehab or stumbling about flashing your crotch ahem Lindsay Lohan: I’ll get to you later…and so it seems that recently there seems to have been an influx of formerly talented and well-regarded starlets having very public falls from grace. Or rather very public tumbles-out-of-clubs-in-the-early-hours-of-the-mornings from grace. Which makes me wonder: do any of us actually believe that wild, drunken party behaviour is cool anymore?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no square. I have a rep; with my family especially; of being a party-girl. “Going out again?” They say. “Where are you out to this time?” They ask. “What time will you eventually get in, if at all?”My mum wonders. But that doesn’t mean I behave like a Jersey Shore cast member whilst I’m out there.

The one and only time I have been out of control drunk, it didn’t feel wild and exciting and cool. It felt scary and daunting and the next day, I was ashamed. I won’t go into details but it did involve falling on my backside inches from a moving vehicle, begging someone to call an ambulance/my mum whilst grasping the toilet for dear life, some random boy dressing up as a doctor and coming in to ‘help’ me and the sister of my then roommate taking out my hair extension and sleeping in the bed next to me and my basin.

And see; even whilst arguing against the issue, I tried to make that embarrassing little explanation sound funny and witty for the entertainment of others. What is up with that?

Or is that just it? We don’t actually think behaving like stereotypical frat boys and sorority gals is all that cool, but we expect others do?

Rihannahas recently been inundating the world with wildly inappropriate, attention seeking tweets and oh-so-cool Intsagram pics. Whether the world cares or not. One snap featured a nip-slip. Oh Rihanna, you naughty girl. Sigh.  The theme of many more pictures posed in swimwear, underwear or BETTER YET – topless is getting a bit tired now is it not? Another photo uploaded while the singer was partying at Coachella appeared to show her rolling a joint whilst perched atop her body-guard’s shoulders.

It really looks like Parmesan, but that would just be weird.

I’m sure she isn’t the only young women out to enjoy herself, show off her enviable body and get a little appreciation but some will argue that she is a prominent one in the public eye. Our little Good Girl Gone Bad has just been named as one of Time Magazine’s most influential people. Wait, what? Well, I suppose a bad influence can still be considered influential, right? Interestingly though, I disagree that famous people need to modify their behaviour completely to be a role-model. I believe it’s up to parents to teach their children what’s acceptable and decent and help guide their opinions of what’s admirable.  For me, the recent Rihanna stuff is more about her own self-esteem and self-image and that’s what seems more troubling. One of the tweets from her account around this time stated:

“I’m crazy, and I don’t pretend to be anything else”.

If you have to TELL people how crazy you are; chances are you probably aren’t all that cray-cray after all. And generally, people don’t like to be told what to think of you, it’s nice to discover an opinion of someone yourself.

But does she care? I’m guessing not so much based on one of her latest tweets directed at MTV:

“@MTV Yikes…. @rihanna ran out of fucks to give”

Yikes indeed.

Now, getting back to Lindsay Lohan a.k.a the old Amanda Bynes. She seemed to be getting herself back on track. Off probation, getting REAL jobs, being a glorious red-head again…and that was cool. But recent turn of events has seen her caught lying about not being in a nightclub where she is accused of assaulting a woman and in danger of losing her big chance in the Elizabeth Taylor Lifetime movie due to her questionable face filling fixation. The Lifetime role recently wrapped but not without the usual catalogue of problems associated with La Lohan. Late to set, unprepared, another car crash, more lying to cops, being rude to co-stars…does anyone truly look up to this girl anymore? I’d be concerned if they did. Her next role is slated to be in semi-pornographic film The Canyons. Tasteful art house flick this ain’t! We won’t even go into her latest ‘photo-shoot’ with Terry Richardson in a hotel room where she plays around with a gun, sticking it in her mouth as you do. It’s all just too tacky and sad for words.

When I said ‘glorious’ obviously I meant cheap and balding…

I am not ashamed to admit my girl-crush list is made up of generally wholesome, well-mannered, well dressed young ladies. Keira Knightley, Kate Middleton, Zooey Deschanel, Rachel Bilson…OK, so Lana Del Rey may be the exception that proves the rule, but a made-up name and fetish for aging rock-stars is hardly Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde territory is it? (Although she didpull of that snazzy beret rater well…)




I for one am proud to admit that I always wear underwear, I have never tried illegal substances, I respect myself and others around me and I intend to keep it that way. But I’m still a pretty cool chick.

(Oh God, did I really just say ‘chick’….?)

Let me know what you think in the comments!

Being good AND bad Sandy from Grease all at once.

(Apologies, this was taken in my parent’s room as mine was too messy. How embarrassing.)

Today I wore…

Denim jacket – vintage children’s wear

Shirt – New Look

Rubber leggings – Rare at ASOS

Ballet flats -Topshop

Bandana – homemade using Remnant King’s fabric

Haircut – trimmed myself in a panic a few days ago. Long story but I kinda like it…

Lipstick – Dior Addict

Spiceworld: The Auction.

ImageI am beyond excited to report that The Spice Girls are set to auction off some of their classic costumes from music videos and live performances. This is in aid of charity and to promote the opening of the musical based on their hits Viva Forever.

Up for grabs are Sporty’s Adidas tracksuit and crop top, one of Baby’s baby-doll dresses and some zebra and leopard print pieces courtesy of Scary. Posh adds that ” “I’ve got all my costumes still. I can’t wait for Harper to grow a little so she can have some. But the rest I’d like to put up for charity. I think it would be a fantastic thing to do.” So expect many a little black Gucci dress, and maybe even a PVC catsuit or two! Unfortunately Ginger’s iconic Union Jack mini from the ’97 Brit Awards is on display at the Hard Rock cafe in Vegas so won’t be available to try and squeeze into.

If there’s one thing the girls are looking forward to seeing the back of, it will undoubtedly be the Buffalo platform trainers, how cray were those things??

All proceeds go towards Save the Children and Children in Need.

Now, where’s my chequebook…


This was the attempt of a bunch of 10 year olds to dress up like the Spice Girls. I’m at the back being Posh…

Photograph credit to my big sister…

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