What they don’t tell you in the guidebooks…

Heading to Barcelona soon, hope this comes in handy!

¡Biba España!

Just a few rules I’ve learned so far. I think it’s interesting to compare/contrast with/to American etiquette, or how there are some things on here we’d never even consider.

  1. Do not walk inside of a house barefoot. It’s considered very rude.
  2. Do not eat while walking. You will receive confused stares. (Fast food and eating on-the-go does not exist here.) Spaniards believe that there is always time to take a moment to eat. If you don’t have the time, then by golly, you make it!
  3. Do not say “sorry” too much. It annoys the Spaniards. They make fun of how often Americans apologize.
  4. Do not yawn. EVER!!!!!! (Very, very rude)
  5. Always let the older person take your seat on a bus if there are no seats available.
  6. Do not tip the waiter at a restaurant, or if you feel like you must, just round the change up.
  7. Ladies, ignore the…

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I'm in my honours year of a fashion business degree at Glasgow Caledonian University, work in a shoe shop and intern for fashion website Mallzee. I often dress like Blair Waldorf and wish I was Lana Del Rey.

2 responses to “What they don’t tell you in the guidebooks…

  1. Your SISTER

    You’d better start practising #12 unless you’re ok with being offensive at the dinner table 😉

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